LAX allows pot in airport but TSA says it’s still a crime

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Jet crashes in South Carolina after failing to stop on runway, killing at least 2

A jet crashed in South Carolina on Thursday after failing to come to a stop on the runway, killing at least two. (Greenville Police Department) At least two people... Read more »

The average American’s ‘dream vacation’ takes just under a year to save for, study finds

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Delta passenger sues airline, claims crew didn’t detain passenger who sexually assaulted her on flight

The plane, which had originally left for Atlanta from Portland, resumed service to Atlanta around two hours after the incident. (iStock) A 23-year-old woman from California has filed a... Read more »

Disneyland welcomes 350 children in foster care for reunion with biological siblings

“The goal is to help them create positive childhood memories with their siblings,” said Steven Macias, donor relations manager for Together We Rise. ( The happiest place on earth... Read more »

Shark attacks spark concern for Cape Cod beachgoers: ‘They’re eating our children’

A flag warning Cape Cod visitors of sharks blows in the wind at an entrance point to Nauset Beach in Orleans, Mass., on Aug. 31, 2018. (John Tlumacki/Boston Globe... Read more »

American Airlines raising drink prices

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Where to see the best fall foliage across the country

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NYC airport workers to earn nation’s highest minimum wage

Both LaGuardia Airport in the New York City borough of Queens and Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey ranked last in their respective categories. (Jeffrey Greenberg/UIG via Getty... Read more »

‘Heroic’ TSA agent saves man having heart attack at airport

Transportation Security Administration officials had a record day on May 3. (Reuters) A TSA agent is being praised for his quick-thinking after a man collapsed after passing through the... Read more »