Air Force takes new step with nuclear-armed cruise missile

The U.S. Air Force might deploy a new generation of air-launched, nuclear-armed cruise missiles earlier than planned due to successful design work, prototyping and conceptual development for the weapon.... Read more »

Animal assassins and military mammals: How superpowers continue to train creatures for combat

Man’s four-legged best friend has historically played a critical role in the military machine, however, they aren’t the only animal playing a pivotal part. The truth is seemingly stranger than... Read more »

Florida teen’s Twitter hack bail hearing hijacked by porn bombs

The hearing for the 17-year-old Florida teenager accused of hacking some high-profile Twitter accounts last month was hacked itself, with trolls streaming pornography on the teleconference call. The call, held... Read more »

Google, Amazon, WhatsApp top list of hackers’ favorite brands to imitate, report says

Google and Amazon have overtaken Apple as hackers’ most imitated brands, a new report says. Google, Amazon, WhatsApp and Facebook are the brands that hackers copied the most to trick... Read more »

Air Force may buy 180 new B-21 stealth bombers

It is by no means impossible to envision a U.S. Air Force fleet of as many as 150-to-180 new B-21 bombers, should the service’s force-size vision come to fruition... Read more »

Could armored vehicles take hits from enemy fire and then self-heal ‘Terminator’-style?

Imagine an armored vehicle takes enemy fire and is disabled, crew members are injured, when all of a sudden its armor regenerates. Perhaps a drone is conducting surveillance while operating in... Read more »

Microsoft, Bytedance halt TikTok talks after Trump signals opposition

Microsoft Corp. has paused negotiations to buy the U.S. operations of the video-sharing app TikTok after President Trump said late Friday he opposed the deal, according to people familiar with the... Read more »

Faster internet, wiping data, password hack: 5 tricks tech pros use all the time

Kim Komando will show you the five tricks that tech pros use all the time. (iStock) The personal computer has been around for over 40 years. In that time,... Read more »

Find unclaimed money, funds may be owed to you

You may be owed money, Kim Komando can show you how to claim it. (iStock) About this time every year, I like to remind people to visit a few... Read more »

Army maps plans for future tank

Racing over bridges, supporting advancing infantry with suppressive fire, shooting vehicle-launched counter-drone missiles and engaging enemy tanks from safe standoff ranges are all operations the Army anticipates for its... Read more »