Israeli soldiers discover 3,000-year-old Biblical-era watchtower

Soldiers at a paratrooper base in Southern Israel have uncovered a Biblical-era watchtower. The watchtower, which dates back to the 8th century B.C., was revealed during recent excavations by... Read more »

Mysterious ‘cat-fox’ discovered, may be a new species

Wildlife experts on the French island of Corsica have discovered an unusual “cat-fox,” which may be a new species. AFP reports that a number of the felines have been... Read more »

Neolithic people made fake islands more than 5,600 years ago

A bird’s-eye view of Loch Bhorgastail, an islet that was clearly human-made with boulders. (Copyright Antiquity Publications Ltd; Photograph by F. Sturt; Duncan Garrow and Fraser Sturt, Antiquity 2019.)... Read more »

Bone-crushing hyenas lived in Canada’s Arctic during the last Ice Age

An illustration of two triumphant ancient hyenas (<i>Chasmaporthetes</i>) standing over their next meal in what is now the Yukon Territory of Canada. (Julius T. Csotonyi) During the last ice... Read more »

Did puppy dog eyes evolve because of humans?

Whether you’re a dog owner or not, you’ve likely looked into a dog’s eyes and been bewitched by the sheer cuteness. Researchers who analyzed and compared the anatomy and behavior... Read more »

Terrifying video shows diver fighting off giant octopus

If you thought a giant octopus clutching you with its eight arms was the stuff of nightmares, think again. A diver from Mayak Gamov, Russia, was exploring the Sea... Read more »

Mysterious prehistoric rock carvings discovered in world’s largest asteroid crater

Experts have revealed details of the mysterious 8,000-year-old rock carvings found in the world’s largest asteroid crater. The petroglyphs were found in the Vredefort impact structure, a 186-mile wide... Read more »

Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins reveals unseen photo of Moon landing crew he ‘found at the bottom of a box’

Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins has revealed a previously unseen photo of the famous Moon landing crewmembers that he “found at the bottom of a box.” The photo shows... Read more »

Will Apollo nostalgia help NASA get its Artemis Moon money?

Buzz Aldrin walks on the surface of the moon near a leg of the lunar module in this photo snapped by fellow Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong. NASA’s big... Read more »

‘Cold quasars’ may be at the end of their lives, but they can still birth stars

An artistic conception of an energetic quasar that has cleared out the gas and dust in the center of the galaxy and is pushing it to the outskirts. Soon,... Read more »