Rarest, most valuable US paper bills in existence set for multimillion dollar auction

Three exceedingly rare 19th century U.S. currency notes are expected to sell for a combined $7 million when they are auctioned off next week. One of the unique bills... Read more »

Searching for Planet Nine, scientist finds ancient star with mysterious rings

The hunt for Planet Nine has so far eluded researchers, but one citizen scientist working on a project to find the evasive celestial body has found something just as... Read more »

NASA spots mysterious ‘dragon’ aurora in the sky

NASA released a spectacular image of a huge “dragon” aurora charging quietly across the night sky over Iceland. The natural phenomenon is caused by particles emanating from the Sun that... Read more »

Tortoise thought to be extinct for 113 years has been rediscovered on the Galapagos

A tortoise thought to be extinct for 113 years has been rediscovered on a remote volcanic island in the Galapagos. The amazing reptile find was made earlier this week... Read more »

5,600-year-old human skull bone fished out of the Thames by lucky ‘mudlarker’

Someone fished this human skull fragment from the filthy River Thames in London. It is roughly 5,600 years old. (Museum of London) Humans have lived alongside England’s River Thames... Read more »

Female Viking warrior’s remarkable grave sheds new light on ancient society

A person in Viking costume in front of a burning Viking boat during the Flamborough Fire Festival, U.K./Artist’s impression of the occupant of grave Bj.581 as a high-status female... Read more »

Real life Jaws? Photographer captures terrifying great white images

The shark lunges from the water to bite the cage. STUNNING pictures have captured the moment a huge great white shark came within inches of a photographer’s hand as... Read more »

‘River of stars’ streaming through the Milky Way was hiding in plain sight for 1 billion years

In this stereographic projection, the Milky Way curves around the entire image in an arc, with the newly discovered river of stars displayed in red and covering almost the... Read more »

Rarely glimpsed scaly pangolins caught hugging trees in the dark

New video of giant pangolins shows these bizarre scaly creatures in their natural (nocturnal) habitat in Uganda. In the videos, the blunt-nosed creatures — which are the only mammals... Read more »

‘Super snow moon’ stuns as the biggest supermoon of 2019 lights up the sky

The super snow moon rises behind lower Manhattan and One World Trade Center in New York City on February 19, 2018 as seen from Green Brook Township, New Jersey.... Read more »