11-foot alligator captured in Florida after rescue crew mistakes it for unconscious person

A group of firefighters worked well into the night to ensure an 11-foot alligator that was lurking around a Miami neighborhood was captured, but due to safety concerns, the... Read more »

Indiana hiker spots huge snake hanging from tree branch

A hiker in Zionsville, Indiana was in for a slithery surprise when she came across a huge eastern rat snake hanging from a tree branch. The hiker, identified as Michelle... Read more »

Indiana farmers uncover ancient mastodon bones

Workers make stunning discovery of mastodon bones while installing sewer on farm Installation of a new sewer on an Indiana farm led to an incredible discovery of 13,000-year-old mastodon... Read more »

Titanic victim’s long-lost letter surfaces, describes near miss as doomed ship set out on its maiden voyage

The Titanic (right) and the SS City of New York come “within an ace” of colliding with each other at Southampton as Titanic departed on its ill-fated maiden voyage,... Read more »

There’s a tiny, bright magnetar photobombing our galaxy’s supermassive black hole

An image from Chandra shows how the magnetar suddenly lit up in front of the black hole in 2013. (Chandra X-Ray Observatory) There’s a bright magnetar photobombing the supermassive... Read more »

China to explore asteroids and comets in upcoming mission

Following the successful landing of its Chang’e 4 spacecraft on the far side of the Moon earlier this year, China is looking to expand its space program by exploring an... Read more »

NASA wants to send astronauts to the Moon’s mysterious South Pole

NASA wants to send astronauts to the Moon’s mysterious South Pole In response to President Trump’s goal of getting astronauts back to the Moon by 2024, NASA wants to... Read more »

North Carolina girl finds megalodon shark tooth buried on beach: ‘Is this a dream?’

A middle school girl stumbled upon a buried treasure while spending her spring break on a beach in North Carolina. Avery Fauth and her family love to scour the sand... Read more »

Rare footage of river dolphins helps scientists crack mystery of marine mammal communication

WATCH: Dolphin greets paddle boarder with a friendly bump An observer was waiting to film surfers when he noticed a pod of dolphins trying to chase fish off the... Read more »

Sonar anomaly leads to discovery of 500-year-old shipwreck in North Sea

A sonar anomaly in the North Sea ended up being a 16th-century Dutch shipwreck. (Netherlands Cultural Heritage Agency) Salvagers looking for steel shipping containers at the bottom of the... Read more »