Florida panthers suffering from mysterious disorder affecting their ability to walk, officials say

An inexplicable crippling disorder appears to be affecting some Florida panthers, puzzling wildlife officials who are working to determine what is ailing the endangered animals. The Florida Wildlife and Conservation... Read more »

Elon Musk puts the brakes on ‘nuke Mars’ theory

Not so fast, Lex Luthor. Just days after telling the world he still wants to “nuke Mars,” SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has slightly walked back the proposal, instead offering... Read more »

Dark ‘half-magnets’ from the Sun could be streaming through us every day

An invisible substance permeates the universe, altering the paths of stars and galaxies. This so-called dark matter exerts a gravitational pull, yet never interacts with light. No one knows what it’s... Read more »

Historic 17th-century Dutch shipwreck discovered near South African beach

Archaeologists in South Africa have found the long-lost wreck of a Dutch merchant ship that played a crucial role in the country’s colonial history. The Dutch East India Company vessel... Read more »

California building largest wildlife crossing in the world

The mountain lion called P-22, who is often spotted traveling across Los Angeles freeways and spending time in parks, is something of a legend in California. But it is also seen by... Read more »

Death Valley could hit 120 degrees as extreme heat smothers US

Death Valley could reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit as temperatures across a huge swath of the U.S. reach triple-digit levels. According to USA Today, 100 million Americans could see temperatures... Read more »

‘Storm Area 51’ spurs rural Nevada county to draft emergency plan, approve 2 festivals

Before the masses descend on the Nevada desert next month as part of the “Storm Area 51” event, local officials are pulling out all stops to ensure they will be able... Read more »

India eyes Moon landing as Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft enters lunar orbit

India’s Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft has entered the Moon’s orbit, the country’s space agency announced Tuesday. The unmanned spacecraft’s Vikram lander is expected to reach the lunar surface next month, taking India... Read more »

‘UFOs’ are coming out of black holes and altering galaxies forever: ‘It’s all very new science’

Black holes are still a mysterious force of spacetime, with the first image of one having been released just a few short months ago. Now, a new study suggests... Read more »

SEE IT: Thousands of birds killed during hailstorm at Montana wildlife preserve

More than 11,000 waterfowl and wetland birds were killed after “baseball-sized” chunks of hail fell on a Montana wildlife management area last weekend, state officials said Friday. GOLDEN EAGLE SPOTTED FLYING... Read more »