After miscarriages, woman discovers condition was giving her uterus ‘an acid bath’

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Woman contracts flesh-eating bacteria after insect bite, nearly loses foot: ‘I felt like I had been stabbed’

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News anchor diagnosed with molar pregnancy, undergoing chemotherapy

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Study finds lead in 95 percent of baby foods: Dr. Siegel says parents should not worry

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Antibiotics caused man’s ‘drunkenness disease,’ report says: ‘No one believed him’

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Mom loses arm to flesh-eating bacteria, felt ‘helpless’ after waking from coma

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Mom claims epidural failed during emergency C-section: ‘It was like living in a nightmare’

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Dad’s skin cancer battle leaves him with massive chunk missing from neck, back

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Woman could hear her own heartbeat from inside her ear

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Medicare fraud cases settled for $7.1M after knee braces, injections deemed unnecessary

Seven former Osteo Relief Institute clinics accused of billing Medicare for unnecessary knee braces and injections to treat osteoarthritis have agreed to pay more than $7.1 million in a settlement,... Read more »