Eating nuts tied to lower heart disease risk for diabetics

People with diabetes who regularly eat nuts may be less likely to develop heart disease than their counterparts who rarely, if ever, consume nuts, a U.S. study suggests. Diabetics... Read more »

Daycare staffer’s rare, potentially deadly infection prompts request that parents keep non-vaccinated children at home

Acute epiglottitis; Lateral view in X-ray imaging. The lateral soft-tissue radiograph reveals the “thumb sign” that indicates a swollen epiglottis. (Public domain ) A Nebraska daycare facility is asking parents... Read more »

As suicide rates rise, college students band together in unprecedented effort

ATLANTA – John Trautwein took a deep breath. “Well, he died in our home,” he said. “He took his life in his bedroom in the wee hours of the... Read more »

Adopted Texas man, 71, meets biological sisters after submitting DNA kit: ‘I just lost it’

After years of searching, DNA testing led a 71-year-old Texas man to his remaining biological family. In an emotional gathering Sunday, Dennis Blackstone was introduced to his biological older sister... Read more »

Doctors have been prescribing fentanyl to the wrong patients for years, new study finds

Prescription fentanyl, a highly potent and immediate-release drug meant for people with advanced cancer who have been on an opioid treatment, has been inappropriately prescribed to people who did... Read more »

Mom who suffered heart attack while pregnant warns about rare condition

One morning Eliz Greene was taking a sitting down shower when the burning in her chest started—one of the many sneaky symptoms of a heart attack. (iStock) When Eliz Greene... Read more »

Ohio hepatitis A cases hit 1,600 but outbreak not new, officials say

Hepatitis A: How is it spread? Hepatitis A is a liver infection that is highly contagious. Find out how to prevent contracting it and what can be done if... Read more »

KFC sickens 247 in Mongolia as inspectors reportedly find E. coli in soda, bacteria in water

At least 42 of the costumers required hospitalization. (AP ) Nearly 250 customers reported diarrhea and vomiting after dining at a KFC restaurant in Mongolia last week, where health authorities... Read more »

Rare Rembrandt exhibit can be terminally ill patients’ final stop thanks to charity

The charity brought over 50 patients to see the museum’s Rembrandt display in 2015. (Ambulance Wish Foundation) A charity is preparing to grant the final wishes for terminally ill... Read more »

Grandma battling brain cancer gets surprise message from grandkids too young to visit

A grandmother batting brain cancer knows she has the love and support of her “magnificent seven” grandkids, even though they don’t meet the hospital’s age requirement to pay her... Read more »