Some California health workers held in isolation, quarantine after exposure to cornavirus patient, officials say

Dozens of health workers in Solano County, Calif., are under isolation and some will be quarantined after being exposed to a patient who recently tested positive for the coronavirus,... Read more »

How US can prepare for coronavirus: ‘It takes all of us working together’

Amid warnings from federal health officials that “it’s not a question of if, but when” the novel coronavirus will begin to spread at the community level in the U.S, President Trump cited a... Read more »

1st coronavirus case of unknown origin in US was hospitalized for days before being tested: officials

A Northern California woman who is the nation’s first coronavirus case of unknown origin was hospitalized for days before she was tested for the novel virus, according to the hospital where... Read more »

Trump coronavirus response questioned by Obama-linked WHO official after organization praises China

While the World Health Organization (WHO) has lauded praise on China for its efforts to contain the coronavirus despite the country’s hesitation to allow in a team of outside investigators... Read more »

Respiratory mask supply at New York City hospital dwindled amid coronavirus scare, report says

The stock of respiratory masks at Bellevue Hospital, which examined New York City’s first suspected case, substantially dwindled when news broke that the coronavirus had landed in the U.S., a... Read more »

Coronavirus infects woman in Japan for the second time, a first in the country

A woman in Japan tested positive for the coronavirus for the second time on Wednesday, as the country grips with 190 cases separate from the Diamond Princess cruise ship outbreak,... Read more »

Coronavirus prompts Saudi Arabia to limit travel to holy sites – months ahead of hajj pilgrimage

Saudi Arabia on Thursday said it will block foreigners from traveling to Mecca and the Kaaba, the cube-shaped structure at the center of the annual hajj pilgrimage, out of... Read more »

CDC warns men about facial hair dangers amid coronavirus fears

Men may need to hack off their muttonchops, void their Van Dykes or pluck their ducktails if they plan on using a respirator, according to information from the CDC... Read more »

CDC warns on coronavirus in US: Should you start to worry?

Federal health officials this week warned that community spread of the novel coronavirus in the U.S. is seemingly inevitable, with one Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) official... Read more »

Coronavirus concerns on New York’s Long Island see 83 being monitored

Health officials on New York’s Long Island said 83 people in Nassau County are being monitored over coronavirus concerns, but added that, as of Wednesday, there were no confirmed... Read more »