US Navy carriers steam near Iranian coast in show of power

The U.S. Navy is steaming a massive, highly lethal Carrier Strike Group into strategically vital areas off the coast of Iran, demonstrating solidarity, freedom of navigation, and readiness to... Read more »

Air Force Reaper drone fires ‘air-to-air’ missile

US Air Force celebrates 73 years Lt. Gen. Michael Loh, director of the Air National Guard, joins in the celebration with members of the U.S. Air Force Band and... Read more »

How to erase your data to remove your life from Google’s grip

File photo – A Google search page is seen through a magnifying glass in this photo illustration taken in Brussels May 30, 2014 . (REUTERS/Francois Lenoir) I use Google... Read more »

How to delete yourself from people search sites

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Army pursues new ‘Combined Arms Maneuver’ warfare attack plan

U.S. Army war planners believe winning a major power war against Russia or China would require an intricate and sophisticated blend of weapons, effects, networking and tactics, creating a... Read more »

Ransomware jumps in September as schools become primary target

Schools have become magnets for ransomware. The number of schools hit by ransomware ticked up in September growing to roughly twice the number in August, according to cybersecurity firm... Read more »

Army developing ‘high-rate-of-fire’ breakthrough 1,000-mile range cannon

Most state-of-the-art artillery can fire about 30 km (18.6 miles) away. With its Extended Range Cannon Artillery program, the U.S. Army can now fire 155mm rounds more than 60km... Read more »

FBI warns on teenage sextortion as new twists on sex-related scams emerge

The FBI this week warned about recent incidents in Arizona involving an adult coercing teenagers into producing sexual content, as new twists on sextortion scams come to light. The... Read more »

Google Doodle honors Felicitas Mendez, civil rights pioneer, for Hispanic Heritage Month

Felicitas Mendez was honored Tuesday with a Google Doodle celebrating her work as a civil rights pioneer to mark the first day of Hispanic Heritage Month. Mendez, who was... Read more »

Apple unveils new Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, and new iPad Air

Apple has unveiled its new Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE and a new iPad Air at an event at the tech giant’s headquarters in Cupertino, Calif. The... Read more »