Meghan and Harry head to the beach on day two of their Africa tour: Live updates

Nazli Edross-Fakier met Harry and Meghan when they visited her sister's home in Bo-Kaap, Cape Town.
Nazli Edross-Fakier met Harry and Meghan when they visited her sister’s home in Bo-Kaap, Cape Town. Lauren Moorhouse/CNN

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have told wellwishers in Cape Town that their baby son is enjoying his visit to the city.

Meghan “said Archie is the most calm, beautiful, easy baby,” Nazli Edross-Fakier, 61, told CNN, adding that the new mother had told her “He travels well — he slept most of the time on her chest. And then Daddy said ‘He’s come alive, he’s shouting and screaming and carrying on.’”

Edross-Fakier met the royal couple when they visited her sister Shaamila Samoodien’s home in the Bo-Kaap district of the city on Tuesday.

A longtime fan of Meghan in her former career as an actress on the TV series Suits, Edross-Fakier said she had joked with the Duchess.

“I said: ‘We fell in love with you before Harry!’ and she just giggled and I think it made her feel good.”

Edross-Fakier said she remembered seeing Harry as a little boy, following the coffin of his mother Diana, who she also loved, and how striking it had been to see him right there in her family’s home.

“They came in, and they sat down and I introduced myself and told her that we’d fallen in love with her, and she said how happy she felt, and the warmness, and just the relaxed atmosphere of this whole event in Bo-Kaap.”

“I think the whole Cape Town tour has been a relaxed thing and she’s pleasantly surprised at the welcome and the niceness of the people,” Edross-Fakier added.

During their visit, the family served the royals tea and koeksisters, a popular doughnut-like South African snack, flavoured with cinnamon, aniseed and cardamom.

“They enjoyed themselves,” said Edross-Fakier. “I think they felt at ease, they weren’t being pressured. It wasn’t a political thing, it wasn’t a religious thing — they were comfortable. It was a few minutes of feeling relaxed.”

“They were like two normal people that came into our home.” she said. “There was nothing ostentatious or pretentious about them and I think they were just happy to be sitting down, taking a breather from all the people and the cameras.
“It was like having friends over for tea.”
“I will always remember it as a pleasant, happy, beautiful moment sitting next to these two beautiful people.”

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